Saturday, August 24, 2013

Change Your Words, Change Your World

I absolutely love this video.  How we see the world is determined by our mindset.  Our words are so important.  Want to change your world?  Simply change your words. 

The life of a writer is words; discovering the right words, getting them down on paper, editing the words and then sharing them with others.  It is a process.  Sometimes that process flows freely and easily, like a river eagerly rushing toward the open sea.  Other times the words trickle out reluctantly like a creek in a season of severe drought.

Many writers have given advice on the best way to accomplish and increase the flow.  Currently, I am reading Henriette Anne Klauser's book, Writing on Both Sides of the Brain.  The basic premise of the book is that our brain has two separate parts and functions.  The right side of the brain is the creator; free-thinking,spontaneous, unstructured.  The left side of the brain is the critic; structured, concerned with rules and form.  The problem for many writers is that they get stuck in the left side of the brain so that they are constantly editing as they write and restricting the flow before they have a chance to produce it.  Sometimes this means that nothing comes out at all.  When the editor or left side is a dictator, the right side is suppressed and the well runs dry.

Three Ways to Write Creatively and Productively 

  • One of Klauser's cures for this problems is to legitimize the work of the right side of the brain.  This means temporarily putting the left side to bed and allowing the right side to reign free.  Writing without thinking of correct grammar, structure, even words or topic allows the creative juices to flow.  Later the critic can awaken and review the work.  I can personally say that I've tried this method of writing without giving much thought to the result and it is amazing the quality of work that can be produced.  It is a great technique if you are feeling stuck in your writing. 
  • Another technique that Klauser recommends is to create a "ruminating chair".  In this way she legitimizes the time spent in thinking and reflecting on a topic.  This is not meant as a time to read, research or make notes, although those can be important tasks as well.  Instead it is time to simply think and let the mind wander.  Does this sound like time wasted?  In our high pressure, deadline driven, time crunched world it definitely sounds like a luxury but Klauser maintains that it is an essential part of the life of a writer in order to keep fresh ideas growing. 
  • A third technique that combines both of the above, is to rise early and go directly to writing.  Do not allow yourself to get involved in any of the chores or tasks of the day.  No checking email, listening to the news or allowing yourself to be enticed away from the task at hand.  Write spontaneously.  Write creatively.  Write uncensored. 
Words have the ability to create change through a new mindset, a different vision. There is great power in sharing our vision with the others. There is power in how we see our world, even when we are blind.

How do the words that you tell yourself shape your perception of the world? Do you know your mission or purpose and if so how do you share that with others?

Do you write?  Do you have a particular technique for keeping the words flowing?

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  1. Lynne, this was great! I loved reading about the two sides of the brain working together; I think I'm pretty good at that if I say so myself. :) I do spend a lot of quiet time just allowing thoughts to come. I don't consider that a waste of time at all! My best blogs have come from such moments.
    Love and blessings!

  2. Good advice Lynne!