Sunday, August 18, 2013

The importance of FINISHING IT!

Saturday night was a typical night at Foxtale Book Shoppe. Wild.  Laugh-out-loud-funny. Entertaining.  Good times. 

Oh and by the way, there was a terrific New York Times bestselling author there too.  Edward Kelsey Moore, author of The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat watched in astonishment as the three foxy ladies from Foxtale Book Shopp, portrayed their version of the three main characters in his new novel.  Shaking his head, he later said, "I've been introduced at book events all over the country, in England and Germany too... and I can truthfully say, I've never experienced anything like that!" 

The Author's Unfinished Story

Every author has a story of how they became a writer.  No matter the genre or the style of writing every writer has a story to share. Some overcome great difficulties or tragedies.  Some overcome personal challenges.  Some are inspired by events or needs in the world around them.

Although Moore always liked to write, he pursued his love of music and became a professional cellist. Upon turning forty however, he decided if he was going to write something he better get busy. An ongoing challenge, was his tendency to start stories and never finish.   He decided to enter an annual short story contest but in typical fashion, he began but never got around to finishing and submitting his story.  Later, he showed up for a professional engagement, only to find that he would be playing his cello at the event honoring the winners of the short story contest that he never submitted his work to.  That night became a turning point for this musician/writer who could never finish his story.  The next year, he not only finished his story and submitted his work, but won the contest!!  That event became the springboard for completing his novel, overcoming the multitude of rejections that are inherent in traditional publishing and becoming a New York Times bestselling author.  What a difference finishing can make! 

What is Your Unfinished Story?

What is keeping you from following your passion? Are you like Moore great at starting but never finishing something? Are you struggling to find your direction and passion? Are there obstacles that you can't seem to find your way around? We are all called to a greater purpose and we are all given the gifts we need to fulfill that purpose.  There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that we are moving down the path with intention and perseverance despite the challenges we face. 

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  1. What a great story about this author! Just goes to show us all that we need to heed those calls in our lives.
    Blessings, Lynne!

  2. Great message here, Lynne. Getting started is often a problem, but sticking through until it is finished can become even more of an issue. I loved the story. It's always inspiring to hear how people eventually learn their purpose.