Sunday, January 29, 2012

Help Me Choose A Book Cover!

While I am still adding some content, editing and revising the book that I began in December, I have completed the major portion of it and I am moving into the really exciting part of choosing a cover for the book. The book is about finding your calling, discovering your passion and setting goals to achieve your dreams.  It includes some of my personal story of recovering my dream of being a writer and following through on accomplishing the publishing of two children's books, Wyatt The Wonder Dog

Here is an excerpt from the upcoming book:

From the back seat of the car, I heard our five year old friend, McKenzie, calling out repeatedly, "Helen! Helen!" We were on the way to the museum to see a frog exhibit and I was riding in the front seat with my oldest daughter who was driving. Since no one in the car was named Helen, I paid her little attention and assumed it must be part of a conversation she was involved in with my younger daughter who was in the back seat with her. When she simply became louder and more insistent, I finally turned and asked her, "Who are you talking to?" Imagine my surprise when she said, "I'm calling you!" Helen? What? After some detective work, we discovered that she had heard other people calling me "Hey, Lynne" and concluded my name must be… Helen.

Do you ever feel that you are being called by a different name? Do you ever feel that you are stuck in your current job, routine or lifestyle but that really something, someone, perhaps even your inner self is calling you to something new?  Maybe you are unsure of the direction, but you are aware of a certain discontent, uneasiness with your current life?  Or perhaps, you have a pretty clear idea of the direction, you just don’t know the path to follow to get there?  Could God be calling you in a new way with a new name? Maybe He is calling you by the name of teacher or comforter when you have been accustomed to a different role. Maybe you are being called to be a leader or peacemaker.

Never forget that you are truly a called woman!  We are all called to be a creator in some arena.  For some of us that is writing or painting or creating an environment through interior design.  For some of us, that is being a creative thinker and doer in the marketplace or business.  For some of us that is being a relationship builder in our families and communities.   There is no role or profession that we all fall into.  Yet we each possess God given gifts to make that call happen. When we don’t develop our gifts and talents, we not only cheat ourselves but we cheat the world and the community. To hear that call though, you will need to step outside the familiar and listen with new ears. You will need to seek new experiences and develop new perceptions of the old world.  Otherwise, you just might miss that call altogether. "Helen, Helen, I'm calling YOU!"

 Now it's your turn for some input!  Which book cover do you like the best for this book? Please vote using the poll on the right side of the blog.


  1. Voted! :)
    Great excerpt, Lynne! I so enjoyed reading it.

  2. I voted! Sounds like a wonderful book.

  3. I think my comment disappeared, Lynne, so I'm re-posting. The introduction to your book seems really interesting. I prefer the second cover - it seems 'warmer'.

  4. Hi Lynn,

    Even though phone booths are becoming a thing of the past, I definitely like the feel of the second (phone booth) cover better. The colors work really well together and it has a much better appearance.

    The red phone cover is good, but the gray box and the font bother me and I can't put my finger on why at the moment.

    Great job and best wishes moving forward!

    ~Cam (from

  5. I really like the cover with the phone booth.

    It's colorful, inviting, and reminds me of Dr. Who.

  6. I can't decide! I think I favor the second. I like the simplicity of #1, but I like the color and curiosity of the second. I think, if I could make any changes, I would pick #2, but move "Living your Best Story Now to the bottom right hand corner, and color the font white so it would stand out against the background. Both covers are intriguing, however, and, from what I read on your blog, your writing is very good. Good luck!

  7. I like the energy of the first one. A phone off the hook makes me wonder who's on the other end whereas a phone booth is static. But I like the vibrant color of the second one. Maybe you could mix the two.

  8. I like the first is simple and to the point. All the best with your book.

  9. My opinion is #1. I like the simplicity, and the graphic doesn't distract from the title. But I would change the gray to white, box it in gray, and make both words the same size font in red, probably a cursive font. I like the red, it draws the eye. You could do the subtitle in gray...just my artist opinion. :D

    Good excerpt too, draws me right in. :D

  10. Both covers look very nice. Of the two, I prefer #1. It feels like I have seen the image of the second option somewhere else. I especially like the size of "Call" in contrast to the size of "The." It really makes the purpose of the book stand out.

    While I agree with Cam and do not particularly care for the gray, I think changing the gray shadowing behind the letters with red shadowing could make it pop more. Alternatively, changing the gray background to red might be a nice option.

    You have two attractive options, so you can't go wrong with either one. Really nice, Lynne.

  11. Lynne, I like the 2nd cover! It is intriguing - like the phone booth is calling me or maybe I will come out, after answering and be in a New Place. It seems very inviting. Love the Blue sky and the Field. I want an autographed book, please. Blessings to you as you complete this and Launch the Book! BeckyM

  12. Thanks everyone for voting and I especially value your comments as well. Will direct the graphic designer to this blog so he can read the comments too. Many of the things you have mentioned are things I liked as well but it is great to get so many different opinions!

  13. Hi Lynne! Great excerpt! I voted for #1 because it is simple and crisp and draws the eyes right to the red phone & keeps them focused there. There's no mistaking that it's about "The Call," because the phone is off the hook.

    May God greatly prosper the work of your hands as you publish this book. Blessings! Colleen R.

  14. @Colleen R. thanks for voting. I appreciate your input!