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Five Beliefs That Sabotage Success

Last week I wrote about Jen McDonough and her newest book, Living Beyond Rich.  If you read the blog and hopefully the book, you know that Jen McDonough is a goal-driven-can-do-kind-of-woman. She has accomplished some amazing goals.  She has completed marathons, an Ironman triathalon and most recently, she joined her family in killing $150,000 in debt.  Her big goals inspire others to do more and be more.

What about you?  Do you have some big goals?  Are you making progress?  Or are you making excuses?  How long have you been saying you were going to write that book?  Start your own business?  Try a new career path? Get out of debt?  Get in shape? 

Maybe you say you tried it and it didn’t pan out.  You wrote a few chapters and quit.  Sent the finished copy off to a publisher and got rejected.  Applied for another job and didn’t get the call back.  Created a business plan but couldn’t find the cash to get started. Tried a diet and gave it up.

Maybe you figure goals and dreams like that are for other people.  People who are lucky.  People who are really talented.  People who are wealthy.  People who have connections.

What if I told you none of those things are necessary for you to be successful at accomplishing your dream?  What if I told you that you are sabotaging your own success with your beliefs?  I spent ten years after writing my first Wyatt the Wonder Dog book, waiting for someone to appear in my life and tell me how to get it published.  What if I told you that NO ONE like that ever came along and I could easily still be waiting for something to happen if I hadn't changed my thinking? The first step to accomplishing any goal is to examine your beliefs about yourself and make sure you aren’t sabotaging your God given ability.

There are five main beliefs that people hold on to that wreak havoc with their ability to reach their goals.  Do any of these ring true for you?

  1. Do you believe that you don’t deserve it?  Is your image of yourself that of someone who can only do average things in an average world?  Someone who can’t possibly be so extraordinary as to step outside the parameters of “normal”?  Do you feel that you aren’t worthy of success?
  2. Do you believe that comfort in your present situation, even an uncomfortable present situation, is better than venturing into unknown territory?  Have you been miserable so long that you’ve become accustomed to it and actually prefer it to stepping out into the unknown?
  3. Do you believe that if you are successful you will lose something or someone?  Perhaps family, friends or co-workers would be unhappy, jealous, resentful, or disappointed? Do you find that the people in your life say they want what is best for you but you know they really want you to keep things as they are?  Would you rather be safe and secure... and miserable, than sucessful?
  4. Do you believe that you are not capable enough, smart enough, savvy enough, athletic enough, gifted enough to be successful?  Do you fear that if you became successful, someone would realize that you were faking it?
  5. Do you believe that you should wait to move forward until you are certain of the future?    That you will somehow find that everything fits perfectly into place and until you are certain and confident without a doubt, that you should wait? 

You see, what we believe about ourselves shapes who we are.  It shapes the goals we set, the path we take and the energy we put into accomplishing our dreams.  If we believe ourselves to be inadequate to meet the challenge, incapable of pushing our limits then we will be stuck doing what we’ve always been doing and getting the same results we’ve always gotten.  If we wait for others to approve and give support or for the stars to perfectly align before we move forward in our plan, we will always be waiting.

One of the great icons of the motivational world, Zig Ziglar used to say that he was so positive, so sure of accomplishing his goals that he would, “go after Moby Dick in a rowboat and take the tartar sauce with me.”  What about you?  Can you envision your goal?  Can you envision you in the future accomplishing your goal?  Are your beliefs inline with success? Are you so confident, so determined that you would take off after Moby Dick and bring the tartar sauce?

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  1. Great post, Lynne! I'm sharing on Facebook and will tweet it, too!

  2. Lynne, what an awesome post! I concur whole heartedly, especially the part that speaks of joining the group. It's been an amazing and invaluable experience! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. @Martha and Margie--thanks for stopping by!

  4. I think my biggest impediment is doubting my ability to follow through and reach my goals.

    Great post. A lot to think about!

  5. Lynne,

    POWERFUL STUFF: "You see, what we believe about ourselves shapes who we are. It shapes the goals we set, the path we take and the energy we put into accomplishing our dreams." SO TRUE!!!!

    Thank you! As you know, I am HUGE on going after goals - LOVE the Zig quote and wholeheartedly believe in chasing Moby with the tartar sauce (AND a piece of pie added in for good measure)!

    Your upcoming women's conference is going to be knock it out of the part dang good!!

    Live Beyond Awesome.
    Twitter: @TheIronJen

  6. great post.. some great words of wisdom there..

    self doubt is our worst enemy..

    it is better to fail than to never try..