Saturday, December 1, 2012

Want To Live Beyond Rich? Details Here!

Sometimes you read a book that inspires and encourages you to take control of your life and do bigger and greater things.  Sometimes you read a book that makes you feel like you just met your new best friend.  Sometimes you read a book that is so practical and helpful that before you are done, you have a detailed plan for how to accomplish a goal.  Sometimes you read a book that is all three things at once.  Jen McDonough's newest book, Living Beyond Rich is just such a book.

In her bubbly, encouraging, girl-next-door style Jen  details for the reader the personal struggles and gradual progression of her family from debt free living to amassing over $150,000 worth of debt.  Like most Americans, they didn't mean to go into debt. They were just average hard working folks, raising a family and enjoying life.  They thought they were getting ahead when in fact they were barely getting by. They thought they were being smart with their money but gradually inevitably they moved from a small house to a larger one, from a short commute to work to a longer one, from small expenses to larger ones, always trading up and adding on.  All along they were sinking more and more into debt but calling it refinancing their way to successful living.  Suddenly one day, their world comes crashing down when their youngest son is diagnosed with Type I diabetes and two working parents with health insurance can't afford the monthly medical care with their maxed out credit cards, car payments, mortgage, 401 K loans and other expenses. 

Never one to give up when times are hard, Jen and her family embrace Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and begin a new way of life.  Working through their own resistance and misconceptions about money, they downsize their lifestyle, they pick up extra jobs, they pay off loans and credit cards, they sell off stuff (yes the boat and the car have to go!)  and they make it.  It isn't an overnight transformation but a slow steady progress.  In the process they not only pay their son's medical expenses but they also travel across the country to enroll him in special treatment.  What is the end result?  The family is back on track financially and they are closer and more solid than ever.

This isn't just a book about one family's struggle with debt though.  If it were it would be a good read for a few hours of entertainment.  This is a book that will inspire you and motivate you to change your perception of your own lifestyle and finances.  This is a book that will encourage you to make a difference in the world starting with your own family.  This is a book that is going to make a dent in the universe.  Read it, do it, be blessed!! 

You can read more about Jen and her incredible journey here:  Jen's Blog

Check out the book here:

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  1. You nailed it Lynne! This book most definitely will make a dent in the universe!

  2. Lynne,
    THANK YOU so much for your kind blog. It is such an honor to be able to share our story to give hope and inspiration to others.
    Thank you also for your kindness in sharing your success in writing and leading as I have learned from you. Excited about how you are sharing this with others through your upcoming events ( and from the wonderful A Called Woman's group on
    MANY continued blessings Lynne and thank you so very, very much!!!
    Live Beyond Awesome.
    Twitter: @TheIronJen

  3. Great book review, Lynne! Jen's story sounds like a tremendously good read, and great for anyone having financial issues.

    1. It is one of the best I've read on finances with a personal touch.

    2. Lynne, thank you! I am totally honored! Personal finances really is more than just a number in our checkbook, it touches many emotions and areas in our life. TRULY empowering when we can take charge to make change.
      Many thanks Lynne!