Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is Your Passion Greater than Your Fear?

I'm a big fan of Dan Miller of 48 Days to the Work You Love fame. This probably doesn't surprise you.  If you've ever talked to me for any length of time about my passion for writing and speaking, his name and his wisdom have come up more than once.  I recently promoted the launch of his newest book:  When Wisdom Meets Passion on this blog.  He was kind enough to write the forward to my book, The Call;  Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life.  I am a regular listener of his weekly podcast.  In a recent podcast on following your passion, he referred to his son, Jarred who co-authored his latest book with him.  Jarred is a free-spirit and an entrepreneur who followed his passion to Africa when he lives and works out his commitment to the people of Africa through helping them develop sustainable and profitable income.  Just prior to leaving for Africa to follow his dream and his passion for the first time, Jarred wrote a letter to his parents, expressing his excitement and his fears about the adventure.  Dan quoted Jarred as writing that though he had fears about the outcome, he was certain that his passion exceeded his fears of inadequacy.   Does that statement make you think?  It does me.  Is your passion greater than your fear?

I grew up a very shy little girl.  Talking to people was not something I did easily.  I can remember birthday parties where other kids played games and I watched from afar, summer camps that I turned down the opportunity to attend because I didn't know anyone and many other social activities that I avoided.  The thought of making a presentation to a group struck fear into my heart. One of my first jobs just out of college was as an addiction counselor in an alcohol treatment center. Part of the job involved  teaching regular classes. I can still remember the anxiety I would feel weeks ahead whenever my name would appear on the schedule. I would agonize over the material.  I would worry over the reaction of the attendees.  My hands would shake and my voice would quiver throughout the class.

Fast forward to 2013.  I not only work in an elementary school as a guidance counselor, I deliver hundreds of classes to children and adults every year.  What happened to my fear, terror really, of speaking in public?  My passion is greater than my fear.  I am passionate about engaging children in becoming problem solvers, becoming successful at setting and reaching goals and interacting better through understanding personality styles.

I also present to adults on many of the same topics including finding and living your passion.  I love to engage adults in discovering their gifts and developing their passion.  Do I ever feel the fear?  Of course.  Fear, self-doubt and lack of self confidence still plague me.  Daily. But I keep moving forward.  Why?  Because my passion is greater than my fear.

Helen Keller said, "Feel the fear.  Do it anyway."  Do you have a passion that you wish to follow, to nurture?  Is fear keeping you from venturing forth?  What can you do to increase your passion and overtake your fears?

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  1. Fantastic message, Lynne, and great question. “Is your passion greater than your fear?” I’ve always had stage fright but had no choice but to overcome it when I was thrust onto the stage at six years old in the school talent show. As it turned out I won first prize. Since that time I’ve followed a musical career and I couldn’t even count the times I’ve appeared on stages to perform the songs I wrote and recorded. The truth is, the fear never left me but I did it anyway. Then, after my youngest child was born I chose the form of performance that puts you in the spotlight while remaining safe at home: writing. Still, writers can’t remain hidden always, can they? There are always the public speaking engagements and readings. That’s the part I’m dreading now. Thank you so much for this wonderful message. Hugs!

    1. "The fear never left me but I did it anyway." I love that quote. What a great gift you have of music and writing. Blessings to you as you pursue your writing career. I think the illusion of being safe at home as a writer is just that--an illusion. If you are passionate about writing there is a need to share and that involves taking a step into the stoplight. Focus on the passion, not the fear! Thanks for sharing such a heart-felt message.

  2. Such an inspiring post, Lynne! I will share this on Facebook on my feed and hope you will post it in Blogplicity.
    And, in answer to your question: YES! My passion far outweighs any fears I have. And, my faith that all is happening in God's timing allows me to push forward in trust.
    Blessings to you always, my friend!

    1. Very good point Martha. Knowing that there is a plan greater than our own can inspire us to move past any fears as well!

  3. Great post Lynne! Kids today need to be engaged in goal setting, problem solving and learning the get outside of themselves far enough to navigate other personalities successfully! Those skills are so wanting in the younger adulthood of today.

    Fear... I'm quite the work in progress there but I've come a long way :). I'm trying not to think about the public part of writing and blogging. If it helps someone though, it will be well worth it. My whole goal is to save people time, and if my work can do that...then so be it!

    Seriously, this is an outstanding post!

  4. Thanks for the comment Margie. We're ALL works in progress I believe. Blessings to you on the journey!

  5. Lynne, what a WONDERFUL blog. I love how you overcame your fear by discovering that your passion was greater than your fear! What a GREAT statement!
    Your conference is going to inspire many I know.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Live Beyond Awesome!