Monday, May 23, 2011

One Shoe Can Change Your Life

I recently ran across this quote from the fairytale, Cinderella:  "One shoe can change your life."  Guess who said that?  If you guessed Cinderella, then you guessed correctly, but if you think about it... really any of the characters in the story could have said it.  One shoe changed all their lives forever. 

Do you ever think about the simple things in your life that have changed it forever?  It might be something as simple as a shoe, a phone call made or a compliment given to a stranger.  Many times it is the simple things that we do that have a lasting impact.  It's not the decisions worried about for days, the options carefully weighed, the pros and cons evaluated.  It's being open to those spontaneous, intuitive moments that can change our lives.  It's taking the time in our busy over stimulated lives to slow down and take in a sunset, send upward a thankful prayer or give the gift of encouragement. 

Here's something that changed the direction of my life forever:  a simple email to Dan Miller's podcast asking if he thought it worthwhile to publish a children's book that I wrote.  His enthusiastic yes, changed the direction of my life and fueled my determination to see the goal accomplished.  What about you?  Has a shoe changed your life forever?

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