Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Do You Want To Be Significant Or Successful?

I recently read an article on http://www.mywiredstyle.com/ entitled "Are You Successfully Significant?" In the article, Deb Ingino discussed the difference between being successful through achievement and being successful through being significant.  The first one is being successful through accomplishing goals and the second one is being successful through making a difference in other's lives.  The difference as she pointed out, is that the first one is all about me and the other is all about you. Interestingly enough, when we make it all about you, we benefit greatly as well. I believe this is a critical point and one that is easily missed. I seem to see some version of this everywhere. For instance,the ongoing discussion in every social media article I read, is the sudden insight that those of us on twitter and facebook have spent way too much time racking up numbers while too little effort has been put into developing relationships. Isn't this just another way of saying that it's more important to make a difference than to strive to reach a goal which benefits only ourselves? I believe this is a good way to evaluate each goal that we set.  Ask the question, " Will accomplishing this goal make me significant or just successful?" Or as Zig Ziglar always liked to say, "You can accomplish anything you want if you just help enough others get what they want."

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