Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What Do I Do With It Now That I've Got It?

There's an old Frank Sinatra song called, I've Got You Under My Skin. In the song, old blue eyes sings,"I've got you under my skin, I've got you deep in the heart of me, So deep in my heart, that you're really a part of me, I've got you under my skin..."  That's what you need to do with your mission statement.  Make it such a part of you that it is deep in your heart.  Make it such a part of your being that you just naturally follow it.

How do you do that?  Here's what I have done for the past year.  Every morning during my devotional time, I write my mission statement in my journal.  As I write it, I reflect upon each part of it.  Sometimes I have changed a word or a phrase. I revise it and develop it occasionally, but for the most part it has stayed the same because it is a general statement of my life at it's best.  My mission statement has become such a  natural part of me that I use it as a compass throughout the day to determine my actions and my priorities.  Pretty powerful result for just taking about five minutes each morning for reflection.  Can you find a way to weave your mission statement into a regular part of your life?

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