Monday, July 5, 2010

Expand Your World

I just returned from several days in Boston and I  loved the city.  It has history on every corner, is unabashedly patriotic, proud of it's heritage and offers plenty of opportunities to indulge in wonderful seafood.  What more could you ask for than a place that challenges you mentally, physically and spiritually?  While there, I walked the Freedom Trail, visited Harvard, took a bus tour of the city and a water tour of the harbor.  Hayley and I walked until our feet hurt and ate an untold number of calories.  Hopefully those two things balanced out somewhat.  I also spent some time attending the American School Counselor Conference and networking with other school counselors from all over the world.    
 One of the things recommended by career counselors is to keep abreast of current trends and developments in your area but how often do we get involved in our work and feel that we just can't take the time to do that?  Or how often do you attend training and before you even go in the workshop begin whining about how you already know everything you need to know and what a waste of time this is going to be?  Our attitude determines what we get out of the experience and I must admit that I am guilty of both of the above.  This summer and in the future, I am trying to be intentional about learning and developing beyond my current areas of expertise.  The most challenging part of this is going into the experience with the right attitude.  How about you?  Is your world expanding all the time? 
If the answer is no, how are you going to change that?

A man's courage can sustain his broken body, but when courage dies, what hope is left?  The intelligent man is always open to new ideas.  In fact, he looks for them.  Proverbs 18:14-15


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