Thursday, June 24, 2010

Write to the Bank Seminar...WOW

WOW!  What an awesome seminar I just returned from!  Here's a group picture of the 49 aspiring authors along with Dan Miller and his family.  I know this is sort of a 'Where's Waldo?' sort of a question, but can you find me in the crowd?   I'll give you a hint, I'm wearing all green and I'm on the left side. Can you see me now?
It would be impossible to summarize all that I learned in a day and half of sitting at the feet of the master of 48 Days to the Work You Love: Preparing for the New Normaland I know that I will be referring back to this seminar in blogs to come.  For now, let me just mention two pearls of wisdom for you to reflect on:

  1. If you expect to market and sell your work well, you must develop a platform and a following, before, during and after publishing.
  2. To be a writer, you must: read everything you can in your genre, write constantly, read, write, read, write, read, write, read, write...
What if you aren't interested in becoming a writer?  Could you change a few words and still have some pretty good advice?  I believe you could...

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