Saturday, June 21, 2014

Top Ten Ways NOT to Follow Your Passion

There's a lot of talk about discovering your gifts, and finding your passion these days. This week I attended a networking meeting and talked with a great group of women who have not only found their passion but are actively following it. I met Ann Casey who just finished a mystery novel and is all set to launch it.  I met Osa  Marten who owns a driving school. She has just started blogging and is so excited about the results.  I met  Laury Beesley founder of Widows GPS Inc.  She lost her dad at sixteen and then her husband passed away seven years ago.  She's created the kind of support for others that got her through. It was inspiring just talking to everyone.


Are You Following Your Passion?

I also talk with a lot of people who complain about not following their dream.  Most of them are waiting for something to happen so they can really start living. I hear a lot of  'if onlys' or 'somedays'.  Here are the top ten ways guaranteed to make sure you don't wind up in the energetic networking group that I just mentioned:

Top Ten Ways NOT to Follow Your Passion

  1. Decide you don't really have one.  You must have been napping when God was passing out the talents and gifts.
  2. Decide you don't have the money or resources.
  3. Decide you don't have the time... maybe someday when you win the lottery or retire or the kids are grown.
  4. Decide your circumstances have to be perfect before you move ahead and of course you aren't any where close to that.
  5. Decide the critics who discourage you must be right and put more faith in them than in yourself.
  6. Decide to give in to your fatal flaw: depression, poor health, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia-- we've all got one.
  7. Decide the one half-hearted try that failed was surely a sign that you weren't meant to succeed and give up.
  8. Decide the past ten+ years you've put into researching your passion aren't quite enough yet to pull the trigger and go for it.  
  9. Decide you're too old to go for it now.  Maybe if you'd started when you were younger.
  10. Decide you're too young to go for it now.  Maybe when you're older and more experienced.
 Have I left anything out?  How am I so familiar with all this excuses?  I've used them all at one time or another.  At one point in a mastermind group that I was a part of, I voiced my concern that following my passion was going to take a long time and I was already into middle age.  What if it didn't work out?  Wouldn't I have wasted my time?  Know what my brilliant coach said? "You're going to be doing something for the next several years anyway, right?  Why not follow your dream?"

So what about you?  Which excuse are you using?  You're going to be doing something for the next several years anyway, right?  Why not follow your dream?

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