Monday, June 16, 2014

Oliver North and the Three P's of Career Transition

Saturday evening I visited the BEST Bookstore in Atlanta, Foxtale Book Shoppe, in order to meet the delightful Oliver North and get a copy of his latest book Confederate Lies.  What an experience!  First of all the crowd was amazing.  My friends and I arrived one hour ahead of time and there were already about thirty people in line.  While it continued to grow, we chatted with local folks about everything from great local restaurants to who they were giving the book to (many were father's day gifts).  Foxtale did a great job of keeping everything organized. Once North arrived and started signing books, the line moved quickly.  Despite the long line, North spent a few moments asking every person who they were purchasing the book for and inscribing a special note for each recipient.  He was warm and personable, posing for numerous pictures and chatting with everyone.  What a warm and special moment!

Later, I got to thinking about the transition that North made from retired military to political commentator and television host, writer and author. Whether you agree with his politics or not you have to agree that he has successfully transitioned from one career to another. As someone who has recently retired from a school counselor career of 20 years in order to pursue my new career of author, speaker and coach, I'm interested in what it takes to successfully move from one career to another.  Here is some advice  that I would have for those in similar situations:

The Three P's of Career Transition

  • Plan ahead--Develop a plan on several levels; financial, career and social/emotional. 
  • Practice your plan: Begin working the plan before you retire.  This means develop a budget and start living on that budget.  Begin your new career on a part-time basis and develop the necessary connections to prevent feeling isolated.
  • Procure ongoing support:  Connection is important.  For many people who leave an organization to become an entrepreneur, an author or a part-time employee, there is a loss of the social atmosphere and culture of the workplace.  Create a new support system through networking and joining groups in your field.   Find a coach or mentor who has already successfully made the leap and have them work along side as you create the life you want.
Are you in transition from one career to another?  Are you looking to discover your passion and reinvent your life?  Need help with the Three P's of Career Transition?  I'd love to help!  Check out my coaching packages here:

Need a book that will walk you through discovering your passion and reinventing your life?

Here's what Dan Miller says about The Call:  Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life

I urge you to do something special for others and yourself-read The Call. The investment of your time will come back multiplied with more personal insight, joy and victory and will illuminate the way for others whom you touch along the way.
~Dan Miller,

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  1. Wow! I think that's amazing to have met Oliver North! Your three "Ps" are great, Lynne. As we both know, the transition takes effort, but is worth every moment of time we take to move in that direction.