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The Power of Asking

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I belong to a lovely group of ladies called The Thursday Sistas.  They are caring, compassionate and a little crazy.  I love them all.  Here's an example of the craziness that  goes on:  the email from my good friend Barb about the upcoming get together read:

Good morning Ladies,
We are meeting at my house this evening at 6:30p.m. If this has already been sent then don't read it. I mean it, don't read it. You are just wasting your time. Seriously, stop reading this if you already know this information. Ha!!!! Hope to see everyone tonight.
Love ya,

The response from Kellie read:

I couldn't control myself and I read this email three times!!
I won't be joining y'all tonight because I will be catching up with another friend who can only get together tonight, and we just gotta do this. Scheduling dinner with this one is as hard as getting in to see the wizard.
Have a great time and I’ll catch up next time.

Made me smile.  Here is my question: How often do you do that?  How often do you repeat something that is a waste of time, or unsuccessful, even when you know ahead of time what the result will be?  I know you’ve heard it before but the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Is that you?

The Power of Asking

One area where I fail over and over is expecting that people will just recognize or acknowledge something without me pointing it out.  Call it mind reading or just plain wishful thinking but I often think that people will just know that I need something or want something without me having to ask for it.  I can’t tell you about all the missed opportunities that I have experienced because of this, but I can tell you about some of the unbelievable things that have happened. Just.  Because.  I Asked.

Four years ago, I was bewildered and dead in the water with my writing career.  I had no idea what to do with the children’s stories that I had written.  I was using them in classroom lessons and I had unsuccessfully tried the traditional publishing route.  One day I decided to ASK Dan Miller of 48 Days to the Work You Love in an email for his advice.  He chose to answer the question on his weekly podcast and today I have published four children’s books.  All.  Because. I Asked.

Last year as I began planning the Called Woman Conference, I wanted to expand the number of speakers that we had at the conference.  We had no budget and no resources.  I decided to put out a call for proposals online and see if we would have any speakers interested in presenting a thirty minute breakout session at the conference.  I was seriously worried that no one would respond.  We had over twenty proposals submitted and chose twelve speakers who came from as far away as Arizona to deliver outstanding presentations. Funny thing is that this year, I have people asking me if they can put in a proposal to speak.  All. Because. I Asked.

For the 2014 Called Woman Conference, I wondered if I could entice two well-known and really great speakers, Joanne Miller and Joel Boggess to come and speak at the conference.  I thought that it would prove to be a huge draw but would they be willing to come to a conference in another state?  At their own expense?  I decided to ASK and see what would happen.  The answer was yes and we now have an outstanding conference with great speakers planned.  All. Because. I Asked.

What Do You Need to Ask For?

What about you?  Are you stuck in a pattern of behavior that is unsuccessful but you keep repeating it anyway?  Are there questions that you should be asking that would lead you down a different and more successful path?  Do you need to change your mindset and your planned way of doing things?  What if simply asking a question could open up a whole new world of possibilities?  It did for me.  All. Because. I ASKED. 

Want to attend an inspiring conference that can change your mindset and reinvent your life?  Read all about the Called Woman Conference 2014 here:

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