Saturday, November 2, 2013

Do You Know What You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Last night I attended an Aspiring Authors event at Foxtale Book Shoppe, my favorite little bookstore in Woodstock, Georgia.  The place was packed with friends and family of the authors who were there.  I spent the first few minutes chatting with several of the authors, then listening to their three minute talk about their book and why they were inspired to write it.


What Inspires Writers to Write

It was interesting to me how many of the authors were writing now as a second career.  For many it was a long time dream but they were either discouraged from writing early on in their life or as one put it, "life got in the way and I had other responsibilities."  I spoke to a Gail Heller, a special ed teacher who retired after 38 years and now has written a mystery with two other children's books in the works.  I listened to Sara McDaniel H. Kemp, a 91 year old woman who has enthralled her children for years with her stories and who has now put her legacy into a book for all to enjoy.  I listened to Sharon Kiser, who was told in kindergarten that she would never amount to anything because she colored her autumn leaves blue instead of brown, yellow or red.  Her novel about a young girl who feels plain and unloved is a reflection of her own experience and she has spent a lifetime as a speaker encouraging others to recognize their true potential .  I was struck over and over again by the unlived and unexpressed dreams of so many people who finally took that first step and then followed the path to the completion.

A Dream Come True

I too have a story of wanting to be a writer but instead following the path of a career in counseling.  Early in my career, I worked as an addiction counselor, a social worker in a nursing home and a rehabilitation counselor on a stroke and head injury unit.  I eventually found myself in the perfect setting to not only be a counselor but also to explore my dream of being a writer.  As an elementary school counselor, I spent much of my day encouraging and listening to children and their stories.  It was a path that was long and winding but once I set the intention of publishing my childeren's stories, I moved steadily in that direction until now, four years later, I've just had the most successful book launch yet of my fourth book, Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns about Giving.  It's a dream fulfilled and a continuous journey as well. 

Deciding Who You Want to  Be When You Grow Up

It's important to determine your mission in life.  Most people spend more time planning a vacation that lasts two weeks than they spend planning their life.  Most people survive the week just to get to relax for two days and then do it all over again.  What if every day you were living your purpose and discovering your mission?  What if you lived in the present tense rather than holding out for the future?  What would that look like? 
One of the things that I enjoy doing is helping people discover their mission, set goals and move forward in achieving them.  Creating a mission statement that clearly identifies your purpose is the first step.  Here's why it is important:
  • Decision making is easier because it gives you something against which to  measure your activities
  • It connects you with what is true about your life and helps you cut away what is false
  • It keeps you from getting tangled up in the details of your life and helps you focus
  • It keeps you from responding to the urgent rather than the important
  • It grounds you in the present rather than the past while planning for the future
Determining a mission statement is an introspective and contemplative journey that takes committment and time but the result is amazing.  It brings clarity and focus to each day.   

The Called Woman Conference 2014

March 15th is the third annual Called Woman Conference in Marietta, Georgia.  If you are interested in discovering your mission or taking your goals and dreams to the next level, this is the conference for you!  I'll be speaking on:  Where Do I Go From Here-Finding and Fulfilling the Calling You Were Meant to Live.  You can learn all about the conference and some of the amazing speakers we have here: 
The Called Woman-Reinvention Convention 2014

I hope to see you there. In the meantime, Keep on Dreaming!  Like the authors at Foxtale, it just might be your time to make those dreams come true.

Want to learn more?  Join the Called Woman Creative Team, Sunday, November 10th for a free webinar: 
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  1. So well said. And I always love to hear how you "found" your chance to write. Great post, friend.