Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Top Ten People I Am Grateful For

prayingImage by ater_unda via FlickrMy friend Ellen's grand-daughter, Carleigh, has done it again.  I've written about her before and on Thanksgiving, she again proved how a three year old can permanently write her name on her grandmother's heart.  When asked what she was thankful for, she responded without hesitation, "YOU!" meaning of course my friend and her Gigi, Ellen.  Don't you know Gigi was pretty excited to hear that response?  Wouldn't you be excited to to hear who is thankful for you?

With that in mind and in the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, I decided to write my list of the top ten people in my life that I am thankful for.  Here it goes:

10.  Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, Andy Stanley, Kent Julian and other public figures who have devoted their lives to making a difference in a positive way and who have truly made a difference in mine.
 9.  My co-workers at Sixes Elementary.  I am blessed to work in a supportive caring school where we all consider each other family.  We support each other in hard times and celebrate with each other in happy times.
8.  My church family at Kennesaw United Methodist Church.  I have belonged to the same chuch for over 24 years and in that length of time I have made a a lot of friends.  These are all people who celebrate with me in good times and who wrap their arms around me in the bad times.  I am eternally thankful.
7.  My Thursday 'Love Ya Like A Sista' group.  We get together to share in a Bible study once a week, we vacation together, we socialize together, we support each other.  We love each other like sisters.
6. My close girlfriends, Valerie, Barbara and Ellen who know me so well and love me anyway.  You are the best.
5.  My grandfather. He was the first writer that I knew. I am so grateful that he recognized my talent and encouraged me to develop it.
4. My sister and brothers. There is a special bond between siblings and I will always cherish this.
3. My Mom and Dad.  The older I get, the more I appreciate the support, the encouragement, the sacrifices, the constructive criticism and the love that you shared to make me who I am today.
2.  My daughters and my son-in-love.  It's amazing the depth of love a parent can have for a child.  I am so honored and privileged to be a part of their lives.
1.  My God who loved me before I even knew Him and who sought me out.

What about you?  What if during this season of thanks, you recognized those to whom  you are most grateful for in your life?  Who would that be?


  1. Oh, Lynne, what a beautiful list this is! I find I am grateful for all the same type of things you listed, but would definitely add my darling granddaughter to it!
    And, yes, I am especially thankful for my Lord and Savior who never gave up on rounding up this lost lamb . . .
    Blessings to you always!

  2. I’m grateful for my mother who lived a sacrificial life and forfeited many of her own desires for her children. She also had a writing gift, but household responsibilities never allowed her time to fulfill her own dreams.
    Here’s a poem I wrote in honor of her.

    For Nellie

    In late sun one afternoon she rakes and sifts
    Through fallen leaves, hunting determinedly
    Underneath the apple tree
    Where she believes her missing medal to be –
    The one received in school for best writer.
    But time has bound her hands to domestic duty:
    Endless sweeping, cooking, laundry –
    Stuck in a common
    Quandary, yet a time-honored
    And noble vocation.
    Some call it sacrifice
    To abandon one’s own voice and vision
    For obligation. Therefore she stashes
    In her black scrapbook her daughter’s verses,
    Esteeming each poem a literary jewel.
    And trusts that her only girl will
    Someday find her mother’s lost medal.

  3. @ Martha. It was a blessing to write and challenged me to remember who I need to thank! thank you for being such a faithful follower!

    @Debra, Wow, what a lovely and poignant picture of your mother. I think we can all relate to sacrifices our mothers made for us and your poem recognizes that sacrificial love!