Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sometimes A Bad Apple Can Be A Wake Up Call... Snow White

When you hear the story of Snow White, do you ever wonder what would have happened to her if the evil jealous queen had not tried to kill her with the poisoned apple?  What if she had just lived her life out with the seven dwarves, cooking, cleaning and wiping Sneezy's runny nose?  Not a bad life certainly.  She seems happy enough singing and dancing through life with the wild animals.  However, if she hadn't fallen into the deep sleep would she ever have met her Prince Charming?  Would she have expanded her life beyond the walls of the  cottage in the forest?  We'll never know because she did eat the apple and she was awakened by the prince and she did follow a different path.  Where's the message for us in this age old tale?

Lately, we've all been impacted by the changing economy.  I work in the education field and this year at the end of the year, five teachers had to move to other schools, teach other grade levels and say good-bye to friends and co-workers.  It wasn't an easy move for any of them.  I was reminded of the year, I graduated from my master's program in school counseling and was looking for a job.  I interviewed at a zillion different schools, even thought I would get the job at a couple of them and then everything fell through.  All my friends were already employed and still, I was looking and waiting, not very patiently, I might add.  I finally interviewed at Sixes Elementary and was hired into what has been a dream job at a phenomenal school for eighteen years now.  Sometimes rejection turns out to be the best answer.  Sometimes change turns out to be new opportunities.  Sometimes a bad apple can be a wake-up call.

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