Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Great Book And Resource! Let's All Make A Difference.

I just finished reading The Difference by Jean Chatzky and what a great resource this is!  The subtitle is: How Anyone Can Prosper In Even The Toughest Times and it's mostly about prospering financially.  What I always like about Chatzky's books though is not only are they very readable but they go beyond the usual dry financial advice you usually get in books like these.  You know what I mean;  explanations of compound interest and how your money grows when you invest when you're young rather than when you're older (like me).  Chatzky explains a lot of research she has done on the attitudes and habits of wealthy people vs. those who struggle financially and then challenges the reader to develop similar behaviors.  Here's one of my favorite activities she suggests, it's a written visualization exercise: 

Today I am:
I got here by:

Five Years from now I will be:
I got there by:

Ten Years from now I will be:
I got there by:

Twenty Years from now I will be:
I got ther by:

I am Most Proud of:   

Try writing it down and then referring back to it regularly... I plan to myself.  Here's the affiliate link if you'd like to purchase from Amazon:

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