Friday, December 24, 2010

Are You Missing Jesus?

Ulsted Kirke,Aalborg Stift, Julekrybbe, presep...Image via WikipediaI was talking to a friend recently about Christmas decorating and she told me that  when she put out her Christmas nativity scene somehow the Jesus in a manger was missing. She wasn't overly concerned about it since she figured one of her grandchild probably was 'helping' with the clean up last year and decided they wanted to borrow the Jesus figure.  She said she just put it out anyway and hoped it would turn up at some point.  However, the scene does look a little 'empty'. 

I thought it was a pretty good analogy for the Christmas season as a whole, you know what with the missing Jesus and all.  I was having a discussion with some other women about how hard it is to keep Jesus as the focus of the season, when it suddenly occurred to me that the real problem is not keeping Jesus at the center of's keeping Jesus at the center of our lives.  Why are we so concerned  that we might get distracted during the Christmas season when there are eleven other months of the year when we need to keep Jesus at the center of our lives as well?  Why do we so self-righteously wear pins that say "Jesus is the reason for the season" but spend the rest of the year unconcerned?  Maybe we need a pin that says, "Jesus is the reason for it all" to wear all year long.  Just a thought...

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