Friday, May 16, 2014

Two Essentials for Turning Dreams into Reality

There are some inspiring women out there and I bet you are one of them. You probably have friends who are inspiring to you as well. Last Sunday, I meet my friend Carol at church to give her a couple copies of my book, The Call:  Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life. She planned to give them to two of her friends who were venturing down new paths in their lives.  Peggy has a dream of helping kids become better readers.  She is graduating with an Educational Specialist degree in Language and Literacy so she can move forward in creating a business in that area.  The second friend, Lurlene, is a woman in her 50's who has a lot of dreams for the future and is also in the process of getting her masters degree. Bet you know women like that who are making a dent in the universe!

We all have dreams don't we?  Sometimes they are big lofty dreams of starting a business and sometimes they are small whispered ideas of someday, I'd like too... Ever wonder what is the difference between women who are dreaming and women who are turning dreams into reality?  Two things:

1.  CREATE A PLAN---Dreaming is wonderful.  It is visionary.  It is energizing and creative.  It is a great start.  But what if you always dream but never create a plan?  Well,  one day you will wake up and wonder where the time went.  One day you will wake up and say, "I wish I had..."  instead of "I'm glad I did."  The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan and if you really want to make your dream come true, I'd encourage you to start outlining that plan right now.

2.  TAKE ACTION---Once you have a plan, you must take action.  Followed by more action, followed by more action.  Often people create a plan and then tweak the plan.  Then they research the plan some more and contemplate tweaking it again.  This is getting lost in analysis paralysis.  Once your plan is good enough (not perfect--it won't ever be), move forward.  Consider and evaluate the result, make changes as necessary then move forward again.  You are not a chicken hatching an egg.  You are an eagle learning to fly.  Don't teeter on the edge of the nest too long.  You may have to take a leap of faith to make things happen.

So, who inspires you?  Who do you inspire?  Are you making a difference in the world with your dreams?

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