Saturday, March 8, 2014

Is It Time To Start Dancing?

You know that you’ve been sitting on the edge of the dance floor watching the dancers swirl around you and wishing someone would ask you to dance.  Of course you don’t know how and that’s been a problem.  You hoped by just watching you’d catch on but now it’s become obvious that to really learn, you’re going to have to actually take action.  You’re going to have to make eye contact.  You’re going to have to move past the fear and take the first step. We’ve all been there haven’t we?

You Know It's Time to Stop Watching and Start Dancing

It's a sign if you've said:

·         I’d like to do something else but I only have ____ more years until I retire.  I’m hoping I can make it.

·         This job is a chance for me to learn patience and how to handle difficult people.

·         You have to remind yourself several times a day that patience is a virtue.

·         You dread Monday morning and TGIF is more like a prayer than a catchy phrase.

·         You decide that learning patience is over-rated.

·         Chocolate is more than a guilty pleasure.  It’s something you need to get through the day. 

What if you stopped watching the world dance by and started dancing?  What if you took a teeny tiny risk and tapped your foot to the music or made eye contact with that guy… the one who’d ask you to dance if you gave him a nanosecond of a chance? 

Here’s what I want you to know:

·         You don’t have to know how to dance perfectly to step out on the dance floor

·         Everyone who’s dancing now… they started on the sidelines too.

·         You don’t have to wait to be asked to dance… you can give yourself permission to dance anyway

·         It’s more important to dance with the music than to dance according to the rules.

·         It’s not as scary as it looks and there are people out there to encourage you.

Won’t you join me in the dance?
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  1. Such a nice metaphor for life ... dancing ... just tweeted it out ... wish I lived closer cause I'd SO love that conference!