Sunday, August 4, 2013

And the Winner of the Wyatt Bag of Books is.....

Do you recognize the bag that Katy Wheeler is holding in her hands?  Yep, that's the bag full of Wyatt books that I gave away at the Foxtale Emerging Author Book Event on Friday August 2!  What an exciting event this turned out to be. 

Eleven authors with books of all genres:  children's books, mystery, fantasy, romance.  You could find it all at Foxtale Book Shoppe, the gracious and entertaining host.  I met new friends, (even another author whose last name was Watts) and saw old friends that I haven't seen in several years. 

We talked about writing and how to publish books. We shared resources and ideas.  There were visitors looking for a great read and visitors who had a dream of writing a book themselves.   

Being part of an event at Foxtale Books was really a dream come true for me.  When I began my research on book signing events at the beginning of the summer, I started attending as many events as I could at Foxtale.  They definitely know how to set the stage, create buzz and host a quality evening.  It is a warm, friendly and encouraging atmosphere.  In the past, I was part of the audience.  What an honor this time to be at the podium with the opportunity to talk about my dream of becoming a writer and reinventing my career around that goal. A really big THANK YOU to Foxtale for creating and hosting the event. 

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  1. So, so glad your event at Foxtales was successful, Lynne! I wish we could have afforded to take the financial "hit" in order to take part, too, but I pray God has great plans for my books in the future.
    Much love to you!