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Must Love Claire Cook!!

Must Love Dogs
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If you've been following my blog lately you know that this summer I have embarked on a season of attending book signings and book launches.  I am doing research in the most fun way on creating an amazing book launch in anticipation of my upcoming book, Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns About Giving.  It is coming out this fall and you can read about it here:  Wyatt the Wonder Dog website

Along the way I have gotten to meet some of the most amazing authors.  Some of them are authors that were unknown to me. Others are authors that I have enjoyed for years but never actually met.  An author that falls into this last category is Claire Cook.

Claire Cook's Latest Book:  Time Flies

Reading Claire's books are almost as good as spending some time with the author herself. They are quirky, laugh out loud funny and leave you with an upbeat message that we can all identify with. In her most recent book,  Time Flies, a wife deserted by her husband becomes a woman who discovers her own power and talent. It all happens in the everyday but never ordinary world of high school reunions and BFF's. This book isn't just a great feel good read. It's a message to all women that we can overcome heartbreak and tragedy through the power of friendship and inner strength.

Claire Cook's Message

Claire identifies with her main characters in that she is an example of someone who reinvented her life at the age of 45.  Working as a preschool teacher, she had always wanted to be a writer.  She had a story to tell and a talent to share.  In her own words, she finally "got out of my own way and overcame my fear."  She wrote her first book while sitting in her minivan and waiting on her daughter to finish daily swim practice.  Ten books and one movie, Must Love Dogs, later, Claire is not only going strong in her new career but she is spreading the word to all women everywhere that you can make your dream a reality.  It's never too late to reinvent your life, your career, yourself.  As someone who began a writing career later in life myself, I love not only hearing about Claire's successes but her encouraging words inspire me to keep moving forward.  She is a most generous author and her website is full of helpful hints and advice.  You can read it her:    You can purchase her newest book through my affiliate link here:  Time Flies  And if you get an opportunity to meet this energizing, encouraging author in person, don't pass it up!  You'll be glad you did!!

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  1. Wow! She certainly is an inspiration, Lynne. Yes, we can all turn our lives around and begin that journey God is calling us to go on.

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