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How to Create a Vision Board to Accomplish Goals

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Recently I wrote about four mindsets that keep us stuck.  This post is about ways that we can keep ourselves focused on the goals we have set for ourselves and moving forward in taking action.  In a previous post, I wrote about the fact that goals don't do the work, we do.  Many people think that setting a goal is the main thing, but really the most important thing is what you do after you set the goal.  Do you hang in on your refrigerator and glance at it every once in a while?  Do you put it in a drawer and pull it out in a year to prove to yourself that goals don't work?  Do you review it regularly, perhaps even write it down?

Vision Boards and Goal Setting

None of the above actions are enough.  Once you have a goal you must begin to identify the steps necessary to accomplish the goal. There are lots of books and articles available on how to create a goal but many stop right there and so we aren't successful in making the goal work. One of the best ways to begin the process of accomplishing a goal is to create a vision of what you hope to accomplish through creating a vision board. I've used vision boards both at school with students and in my personal life.  In every case I find that not only do participants love making vision boards but they find them very useful for moving forward. The idea behind a vision board or creativity board, is that what you focus on, what you visualize is what will occur in your life.

Supplies for a Vision Board 

Creating a vision board is very simple.  You will need the following supplies:
  • Poster board or cardboard--any size is fine but think about what you want to do with the board to help you decide.  Sometimes a small board that you can take with you when you travel is a good  idea.  Or maybe you want a larger board to focus on each morning or even to  hang on a wall in your house.
  • Lots of magazines--you can ask co-workers, friends, or even medical offices for their cast-offs
  • Rubber cement or glue
  • Markers, crayons, colored pencils
  • Fun stuff--glitter, feathers etc
  • Music to create by...

How to Create a Vision Board

Once you have the materials you are ready to go!  You can create the board alone in your home or get together with friends. Here's the process:
  1. Peruse the magazines and tear out the pictures and words/phrases that catch your eye.  Make a stack.
  2. Sort the items you selected and arrange the ones you like on the board. 
  3. Glue them down in the pattern/collage that you have created.
  4. Add any decorative items that you wish--using gel pens, glitter, feathers etc to finish your board.

Types of Vision Boards

You can create a board around a theme, a word, a goal or multiple goals.  You can use pictures, quotes, even photographs. There are no rules for vision boards.  Here are the basic vision boards that you could consider:

  1. A board that centers around a certain goal.  I have a board that is centered around the goal of writing and publishing for instance.  You might have a goal around getting a new job or losing weight.
  2. A board that is more general and open to possibilities.  This might be a board that gives a certain feeling or atmosphere such as serenity or adventure.
  3. A board that is created around a certain theme or even one word that will inspire you for a period of time.  Our students in the writing club created boards around a word that they chose. 

  1. A transition board.  This might be the board you would make as you move into retirement, or motherhood or college or a first job. 

How to Use the Vision Board

What do you do with the board once you have it completed? 
  1. Put it in a prominent place.
  2. Focus on the board on a regular basis.  Incorporate it into your daily review of goals and action steps.
  3. Add to the board as you feel inclined. 
Does this sound like something you would like to do?  I will be holding workshops this summer on creating a life purpose statement and a vision board.  Let me know if you are interested in participating!
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  1. Way before they were called "vision boards," I recall that it was a popular activity when I was in high school to cut out words/phrases which described you/wishes/goals and cover an object with them. I remember decorating a coke bottle and using it for a vase. Wondering what happened to it . . .
    Have fun with the workshops, Lynne! Sounds great!

  2. So much like the collages I used to make ... what fun I had cutting out phrases, pictures, words that I aspired to do and become. Being somewhat solution-focused, I LOVE that they're called Vision Boards now and that there's actually an objective.

    Very cool!


  3. Thanks Martha and Barbara---It does bring back memories doesn't it? I thought that was only me who felt that way.

  4. Excellent post on Vision Board
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