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Three Steps to Being a Writer

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Last week, I sent an email to a writer friend, encouraging him to join a critique group that I attend.  I explained that it was a group of other educators and that many of them wrote young adult fiction, an interest of his as well.  Guess what his response was? "That sounds like fun, but I'm not sure if I would have anything to offer.  I'm not a real author, and I'm really not a writer;  a real writer would write more than I do."

My response to him? "STOP IT!!!!!!!" You may think this was insensitive of me.  After all my mission statement is to encourage, empower and inspire.  I'm also a counselor in my day job.  Seriously.  However, I learned this particular technique from one of the great therapists of all time;  Bob Newhart.  

Do you talk about yourself the same way that my friend does?  Do you say you're a writer wannabe, or maybe an aspiring writer?  Do you say you're not a real writer.  If you were you'd write more, have something published, sell more books?  Well, STOP IT!!! I'm not even asking you to  pay me five dollars for this advice.  Writers write and if you do that, you qualify.  It's time to stand up and announce boldly and confidently your mission.

Here's three steps to actually BEING the writer you want to be.

Practice What to Say

If necessary spend some time practicing what to say until it comes naturally.  "I write young adult fiction."  or "I write a blog." or "I write fortunes for Chinese fortune cookies."  Be proud.  Be bold.  Be confident.  Be excited!

Fake It Until You Make It

I know that it doesn't feel natural. I know that sometimes it feels fake and phony.  Sometimes though, the hardest person to convince of the truth, is yourself! Remember my writer friend that I invited to the critique group?  He's already co-authored one book and has a whole young adult book completed.  I'm not making that up.  STOP IT!!

Write, Write, Write

Practice doesn't always make perfect, but the more you practice the more perfectly natural it will feel to say that you are a writer.  Because you write.  A lot.  And that's what writers do.

Do you tell people you are a writer?  Or do you tell people you are going to be writer?  Someday? Well, STOP IT!!!  Start today BEING the writer you want to be.

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  1. Tremendous advice, Lynne, and one of my favorite clips of all time. :) Yes! Just STOP IT! Stop making excuses and simply write.

  2. You are an inspiration in this area Martha. Best wishes on your upcoming book release!