Saturday, August 11, 2012

What Has Changed Your Life Forever?

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English: McConnell Place, Omagh A modern day Cinderella has lost her shoe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I collect quotes like some people collect stamps and one that I love is this quote from the fairytale, Cinderella:  "One shoe can change your life."  Guess who said that?  If you guessed Cinderella, then you guessed correctly, but if you think about it... really any of the characters in the story could have said it.  One shoe changed ALL their lives forever. 

In the last few weeks, a dear friend from my church community lost her twenty two year old son to a tragic accident.  The loss of a young life is always especially tragic.  There is the thought of what an impact his energy and passion could have had on the world.  There are the moments in time that will never be lived.  There is the history that is always remembered.  In this particular case, he was a young man just on the brink of his productive life, married just six weeks before and about to graduate from college in December.  Having experienced several deaths in my own family in the last couple of years, I was as always struck by how your life can change so dramatically in the blink of an eye.   

Do you ever think about the things in your life that have changed it forever?  It might be something as simple as a shoe, a phone call made or a decision to turn left instead of right.  Many times it is the simple things that we do that have a lasting impact.  It's not the decisions worried about for days, the options carefully weighed, the pros and cons evaluated.  Sometimes it is these tragic times in life that create in us a special sensitivity, an awakening to the real world, the important moments and events that are all around us.  Being open to those spontaneous, intuitive moments can change our lives.  It can move us to take  the time in our busy over stimulated lives to slow down and take in a sunset, send upward a thankful prayer or give the gift of encouragement. Sometimes a tragic turn in our own lives causes us to move in directions we would never have considered before.  There are numerous examples of people who have turned even a tragic death into a mission or cause that has changed the world.  The memorial service of this special young man at my church energized many of us to step outside of our own personal comfort zone and to reach out to others, to ignite our own passion for service and to grow personally.  

 What about you?  Has a shoe changed your life forever?

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  1. I've had many "shoes" in my life, some good, some bad, but all lessons.
    Beautiful reflection, Lynne!

  2. @Martha-thanks Martha for stopping by!

  3. A powerful contemplation Lynne, this post. As I read, scenes and people flashed through my mind. I remember one Sunday morning praying a Psalm,”Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.” Then I got in my car and drove to a certain church I’d never visited before. It was there that I met a pastor who became one of the dearest friends I’ve known.
    Another shoe that changed my life was when my mother-in-law was tragically killed by a drunk driver… when my brother’s legs were amputated and subsequently he lost his will to live…I could go on with the shoes.
    Prayers for the family who lost their beloved son. And thank you for this meaningful message today.

  4. Hi, Lynne! ~

    Holding this family in my heart as they heal from their loss...

    Part of my personal spiritual practice is avoiding the temptation to become attached to particular outcomes. For this reason I would not say a particular shoe changed my life by changing how I thought my life was going to turn out.

    For that matter every single thought I have changes my life. That is what being alive means, which is why I'm so devoted to visioning practices which train my mind on moving in a positive direction.

  5. PS: I just found this quote and had to pass it along...

    "Our only security is our ability to change." ~ John Lilly

  6. I read somewhere that everything, not matter what it is, has a lesson to teach us. And yes, sometimes something as seemingly insignificant as a shoe has changed my life. Maybe a conversation, or a phone call, or taking one turn instead of another. It's all so amazing.

  7. @ Linda--I so agree that our thoughts and perceptions change no only us but the direction we move in be it positive or negative, for better or for worse. Love that quote by the way, security as you've mentioned many times is an illusion.

  8. @ Galen--there is a lesson, a message in everything isn't there? We simply must be open to it...