Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to Make a Dream Come True!

My three year old friend, Carleigh, recently explained to me how to create a garden.  "First, you dig a hole and put in the seed and cover it with dirt,"  she told me enthusiastically.  "Then you put in some worms and they (her voices drops to a whisper here) poop in the dirt.  (Now she is practically yelling with excitement) "And then, voila, you have a garden!"  Pretty simple don't you think?

How do you start a new venture?  You make a list of what you want to do.  You research the alternatives.  You pick something and do it.  You add energy, excitement and fun.  And voila, you have a new venture!

My friend Ellen and I did something like this last weekend.  Ellen and I both love to visit thrift stores, yard sales and any other similar venue in search of treasures.  Ellen has always wanted to resell her treasures in her own brick and mortar shop.  She has spent quite some time researching how others do this.  Last year she experimented with participating in several craft shows where she sold the results of her many creative talents. Then this year while we were shopping in an antique and gift shop in Blairsville, Georgia, she engaged the owner in conversation about renting a booth in the store.  It was a very reasonable price, the shop was well designed and she was very interested.  She considered the idea, the pros and cons for about a month and finally, I offered to join her in the booth rental since I too have collected quite a bit of resale-able treasures.  We made arrangements, set a date to move in and voila, a new venture has begun!

But wait... We were having a lot of fun and excitement but how could we share our new venture with our friends?  We decided to have our own Grand Opening.  We picked a date, stocked up our booth, planned a party at my house for after-shopping-refreshments and fellowship and .... voila!  We have not only a new venture but a new venture shared.

Seth Godin calls this type of activity "ship it!"  So many of us have dreams we never follow, ideas we never hatch, products we never ship.  We overwhelm ourselves with questions of when and how and what ifs.

My inspiration and mentor for all of my new ventures in recent years from writing a children's book, to developing a Called Woman's Conference to  writing my latest book on following your calling has been Dan Miller of 48 Days To The Work You Love.  He has recently finished a new book that is a collaboration with his son, Jared called When Wisdom Meets Passion.  It promises to be the best read yet as he  explores not only how to follow your dream but the differences and challenges generations encounter as they discover and follow their dream.

What is keeping you from living your dream?  What if you found your passion, nurtured it, encouraged it and then just shipped it?  Then voila... you'd have a dream come true!

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  1. Congratulations on your new venture, Lynne! I wish you every blessing for success! You certainly deserve it. :)
    Blessings always!

  2. I know what you mean, Lynne. Congratulations on yours! I had to put fire on my behind to inflame my dreams.

    When you have a moment, please check out the question that spurned the drive to achieve my dream since KMWP. Thanks for the article.

  3. Way to go, Lynne. Love your post about our passions and how to go about them. Dan has inspired many and you are well on your way to doing the same. So proud to know you and have you in my corner! Congrats on so many new endeavors.

  4. Hi Lynne,

    This is not just about the great post (LOVE the call to action) but about your site in general. Okay, here goes...


    There. I said it. Glad I could get that out there.

    I love your layout and your content. We've obviously been drinking from the same reading streams at times, which makes me want to read the other stuff I haven't yet digested. I also love how you introduce yourself - I'm officially inspired and challenged to do a better job of that myself.

    But we also seem to be cut from the same cloth, albeit in different fields. I'll definitely be back and look forward to future posts. Thanks for making something happen and inspiring others to do the same.

  5. @ Martha--thanks for stopping by and the good wishes1
    @Frances-Congrats on shipping it! You go girl!

  6. @Kathy - It's been too long! Thanks for the encouragement. You have been an inspiration as well!

  7. @Andy--Wow back! Thanks so much for the compliments. I was equally impressed with your site and looking forward to keeping up with more posts. Yes, I was immediately impressed with how much we have in common. :) Blessings to you.