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Good Resources for Building an Author Platform

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After I wrote my recent blog on Self-publishing, I got a offer from Diane Krause of to provide some of the resources that she has compiled on building an author program.  Diane has provided an outstanding list of resources which I have posted below.  I highly recommend her blog as well.  Thanks Diane!

Good Resources for Building an Author Platform

I’m a huge proponent of learning from those who are smarter, wiser, and more experienced than me. I’ve learned a lot about author platform from the resources I’ve listed here, and I’m happy to share them, with the hope that you’ll find something useful to help you build your platform.


A good starter article on author platform.
How to Build (Or Improve) Your Writer Platform in 30 Days
This is one of the best articles I’ve seen on defining your target customer – or reader. It’s written by Sonia Simone, who is the chief marketing officer at Copyblogger Media. If you’ve never spent any time on Copyblogger, you should. When you get there, scroll down the page to the most recent article, click on it, then follow the trail to more great stuff!
Dan Blank is the founder of We Grow Media, helping authors build their platforms and publishers grow their online communities.
Actually Caring About People Will Always Matter
Start Small and Personal: How to Approach Any New Project
It’s Easy to Ask for a Click/Like/Pin, But It’s Hard to Make a Sale
When Everyone Has a Platform, Your Job Is To Create Meaning

It’s Not About Getting a Bigger Audience, It’s About the Quality of the Connection
Three Author Platform Tips: An Interview with Jane Friedman
The First 3 Things to Consider When Developing Your Author Platform
Jane Friedman is a former publisher of Writer’s Digest magazine, and for the past several years has been a full-time assistant professor of e-media at the University of Cincinnati. In June 2012, she is transitioning to a new role as online editor for the Virginia Quarterly Review.
Draft Your Platform Action Plan: 5 Worksheets (downloadable)
How Long Does it Take to Get Blog Readers?
A couple of good articles from Christina Katz, published in Writer’s Digest magazine.
50 Simple Ways to Build Your Author Platform in 5 Minutes a Day
Joanna Penn is an author of both fiction and non-fiction books, and a very savvy internet marketer. She runs a very popular blog, The Creative Penn ( and has books and courses on writing and publishing.
Marketing Non-Fiction vs. Fiction with Johnny B. Truant
Branding for Writers: An Essential Step in Building Your Author Platform
Success in Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Takes Time: An Interview with Jane Friedman
The Five Biggest Mistakes Writers Make on Their Websites

The Writer’s Knowledge Base (WKB) is a searchable collection of articles that are highly relevant to writers. The articles are diverse and cover such topics as the craft of writing, getting published, promotion, etc. Articles in the knowledge base come from the Twitterfeed of cozy mystery writer Elizabeth Spann Craig. Elizabeth monitors about 1500 sites for great articles on writing, and passes them along via Twitter. Every Sunday, she does a “Twitterific” post on her blog, which is a compilation of all the articles she’s shared through the week. All of these go into the Writer’s Knowledge Base. It’s a gold mine of writing articles!



Get Known Before the Book Deal by Christina Katz
You’ll find info on this book, as well as Christina’s other books and her online courses by following the link above.
Titles from The Digital Writer (
(I work as an editor at Sterling & Stone, a digital publishing company. Our first book series, The Digital Writer, has some very helpful books on social media and internet marketing. You can find all the titles by following the link above, or
find them on Amazon.)
·       The Beginner’s Guide to Building a Powerful Website
·       Marketing Basics for the Digital Writer
·       How to Build a Blog
·       The Digital Writer’s Guide to Blogging
·       The Digital Writer’s Guide to Twitter
·       The Digital Writer’s Guide to Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day
·       and more….


Favorites to Follow – Twitter


Favorites to Follow – Blogs
These are the sites I go to most regularly, but I keep a list of other good resources on my site,

Joanna Penn, The Creative Penn
Elizabeth Craig, Mystery Writing is Murder
Chuck Sambuchino’s Blog, Guide to Literary Agents
Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer
The Digital Writer
Dan Blank, We Grow Media

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  1. Good grief! Such a boat load of resources you've put together, Lynne. I will certainly browse through them over the next several days.

  2. @Martha--I agree--there is a lot out there to learn. It is overwhelming. I usually pick a few things that really speak to me and follow those. Jeff Goins and Dan Blank are two that I already follow.

  3. You're welcome, Lynn. I've learned so much from these resources, and hope you and your readers find these helpful as well.