Saturday, May 19, 2012

Get Fired Up, Not Burned Out!

I was up burning the midnight oil one night last week reading my friend, Kathy Brunner's latest book, Finding Your Fire:  Get Fired Up, Not Burned Out.  It is a real page turner for those of us interested in finding our passion and living it out in a significant way.  Here's the link to check out the book for yourself.  Kathy and I are sharing a booth this weekend at the Canton Literary Festival and if you're one of those people who likes to hold a book and thumb through it before you purchase it, then you should visit and check it out.  It is a great festival and I've enjoyed the workshops for authors as well as the 69 booths filled with all everything from jewelry to plants to pottery.

Finding Your Fire showcases Kathy's absolutely amazing gift for writing. Her illustrations and stories paint a picture you can't resist.  Her first story of some ridiculously expensive and excruciatingly painful shoes she bought for a date night had me in stitches.  Cinderella says, "One shoe can change your life" and as Kathy so aptly demonstrates, finding and acting on your passion can create an amazing life long journey.

Kathy doesn't just tell you about remarkable people who have lived remarkable stories and created a legacy, she walks you through the stages step by step of how to accomplish it for yourself.  With creative thought-provoking questions and exercises designed to delve into your hidden dreams, she guides the reader along a path of discovery.  But don't think that you'll just be creating a spark of a life plan.  Kathy is all about building a bonfire that will take over your life -- in a positive way of course.  I highly recommend Finding Your Fire for everyone who has ever wondered what they want to be when they grow up and what type of legacy they will leave behind.  Get Fired Up with Kathy and make a dent in the universe.


  1. An inspiring tribute for your friend! I enjoy Kathy's blog and I'll have to look into this book. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Seems a very interesting book!

  3. @Linda and Nikky44 Thanks for stopping by!!