Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Most Important Question You Can Ask To Accomplish Your Life Goals

Signed lane to Bryn Carregog If you're lost, a...
Signed lane to Bryn Carregog If you're lost, and wondering if you're on the right road to Ty'ncornel Youth Hostel, this life-saving lane junction, with its sign to Bryn Carregog farm, will put you right. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Are you wondering what path to take in life?  Are you faced with a difficult decision that will determine your future, your life story?  Are you trying to turn your passion into reality?  According to a recent interview with Dan Sullivan in Success magazine, there is one key question that you can ask that will help you set and accomplish your goals.  Here it is:  If we were to sit down together three years from now, what would have to be in place for you to feel happy and productive about where you are in life? Let's try it... what would your answer be?  I'll tell you my answer in next week's blog.


  1. Oh, can't wait for the answer!
    I do like having to envision "three years from now"; it really makes one think and plan for the future.
    Thanks, Lynne! :)

  2. Hi, Lynn! ~

    This reminds me of a favorite book "A Visionary Life" by Marc Allen

    Among other things, I need to feel healthy & fit spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially in the present and future for me to feel 'happy and productive about where [I am] in life'.

    Looking forward to reading your answer(s) ;-)

  3. @Martha--envisioning the future is the difference between letting life happen and living intentionally. It is a relatively new concept for me. I see you marketing your books three years from now...

  4. @ Linda--I will definitely need to pick up that book! Planning for health in the whole person is definitely important. So many people only set goals for certain areas of their lives and neglect the other areas. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Lynne, I've just enjoyed getting to know your blog a bit. I love what you have to say! No wonder you liked my guest post today. You and I are soul sisters! I look forward to reading more.

  6. @Galen---You are so right! When I read your blog I felt like I was looking in the mirror! I've added to my list of blogs to follow. Great stuff!

  7. I needed to read this now. I'm still not a hundred percent sure how I would envision that future 3 years from now, but this is very helpful!

  8. @Joyce--Thanks for stopping by. I hope my next blog is helpful as well as I talk about goal setting. Blessings!