Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wonder What It Takes To Be A Millionaire?

Cast Iron CornbreadCast Iron Cornbread (Photo credit: fritish)

This can't just be a coincidence.  One of the speakers at the Called Woman Conference that I'll be speaking at next Saturday is Beverly Davis who calls herself the Cornbread Millionaire.  She started her enterprise while she was living in a homeless shelter and has managed to prepare and promote her grandmother's special secret cornbread recipe on CNN news, Fox TV and Clark Howard to name a few.  She just mailed us her ebook to share with the participants at the conference and it's a pretty incredible story.   If you are someone who has said you would follow your dream if only you had the resources and time, then you need to hear the story of this woman who had literally NO resources and still managed to start her own business and follow her dream.

Then I got the weekly newsletter that I receive from Dan Miller, author of 48 Days To The Work You Love and guess what the topic is for this week?  "Do You Want To Be A Millionaire?"  No, I'm not kidding.  There are some fascinating statistics in the newsletter which you may want to read yourself, Dan's Newsletter   The one that most caught my eye was this:  74% of millionaires in the United States are self-employed and these are not necessarily people who have come up with the most creative, innovative idea ever.  The most common millionaire producing businesses are dry cleaning, printing and vending.  Guess what percentage of millionaires are in show business, athletics, authors, inventors or lottery winners?  One percent... Yet, aren't these the professions that receive the most attention, and the ones that most kids aspire to?  Sounds like Beverly Davis is definitely on the right track.

While your mission in life may or may not be to become a millionaire, I imagine we would all like to be financially secure while doing what we love most to do.  As both these examples show, the best way to accomplish that is to discover your talents, your gifts, then focus your energy in that direction.  This is exactly what my latest book, The Call:  Perfect Dream-Imperfect Life is all about.  It's my personal story of how I took my dream to be an author and developed a plan to make it happen.  It's at the printer's this week and should be available by the end of next week!  Here's the final cover...

What is your passion?  What are you doing to follow your dream?


  1. Such an inspirational post, Lynne, and so happy about the "birth" of your book!
    While I doubt I'll ever see that cool million, I wouldn't trade what I'm doing now for the world. God has truly led me into the profession which gives joy to my heart and soul.
    Blessings to you!

  2. You are a blessing to others as well Martha. A true sign that you have discovered and followed your passion!

  3. Lynne, I say you have a gift to become a millionaire. I love watching the show "So you Want to Be..." because I enjoy the vicarious thrill of winning fast.

    You inspire! Congrats on getting it done! How does it feel?

  4. Thanks Debra! It does feel great--I feel like I'm loafing because I'm not working on it constantly!

  5. Reading Lynne's book now. It is truly wonderful!
    This post reminds us that it's not what we have but how we use what we have that makes or breaks our success.
    Loved your comment on feeling like you are loafing as well...funny how we feel less productive when we are not at it constantly and yet forget the LONG days and nights we put in over and above an average work week! This is a great post and you have written an exceptional book, Lynne!

  6. Congratulations on THE CALL :) I too have started my journey to attain my goal of having a successful website which also helps people dream big and attain them. Come and see my vision :)

  7. @Kathy Thanks so much! Glad you like it
    @sulekkha--many blessings as you begin your journey. It is indeed a journey and not a destination!

  8. No passion, no more dreams...

  9. @Nikky44--this is very true. Many people I talk to though have a trouble discovering their passions...

  10. Hi Lynne - thank you for sharing again. I would love to read Beverly's book. I'm signing up for Dan's newsletter to. Will your book be open for reviews? I would love to read and review it, if I may.
    I so agree with entrepreneurship as the way forward...I was influenced by reading Nick Williams book : Discover the Work You Were Born to do. It influenced me to move out of my corporate job many years ago. Nick's site is here:

  11. Corinne, Thanks for the offer to read and review my book. I will definitely see about sending you a pdf of it soon. I believe children aren't taught enough about entrepreneurship. I know I wasn't and it is truly so rewarding! Thanks as always for your insightful comments and additional resources.