Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where Does God Live?

The CaveImage via WikipediaMy friend, Ellen's grand-daughter Carleigh was telling her family about her day at preschool.  "We went to chapel and heard a man talk about God,"  she said, "But God wasn't there."  "Really?" her mom replied, "Where was God?"  Without hesitation, Carleigh answered, "God lives in a cave in Alabama."  You gotta wonder if Carleigh will grow up to be a comedian...

It does make one think though doesn't it?  Where do you experience God?  As I'm headed off to church this Sunday morning, I have to ask myself, "Will God be there?"  As I drive to work tomorrow, I could ask myself, "Will I experience God there?" As I meet with friends this afternoon to plan an upcoming women's workshop, I wonder,  "Will God be present during the discussion?"  There's a common phenomenon where we become aware of the details that we focus on in our daily lives.  Hence when you are considering buying a particular brand of car, you become focused on that brand and see it everywhere.  However, when you are unconcerned about cars you fail to notice anything about the cars all around you. We become so accustomed to the routine that we lose sight of the details. So it is with God.  When we fail to focus on the signs of God all around us, we become distant and unaware of His presence.  But when we look for and focus on His activity in our world, we are amazed at His hand in the daily details of our lives.  Did you notice the glorious sunrise this morning?  God was there.  Did you have a friend or coworker who lifted you up with encouragement?  God was there.  Did a stranger show you some kindness?  God was there.  So, where is God in your life?  Closeby?  Or living in a cave in Alabama?


  1. Great post, Lynne!
    I love how you have reminded us here to see God in all the details of our lives. He IS here, with us, present; not holed up in an Alabama cave, though I do like Carleigh's take on things!
    Blessings, my friend!

  2. i love your post and you are bless here is one of mine you might like along the same lines

  3. Great reminder to look for God in the details of our lives, and that comes from setting the intention to do so. Would love to read a story of how that manifests for you in working reality, through a specific example of a personal experience ;-)

    During my rest at the end of my yoga class tonight, my mind was flooded with the magic of my day, and of my life. I woke up with the man I love, I went to 'work' photographing an AMAZING Fairy House, I planned a children's art class for tomorrow, and I had a private yoga class with a TERRIFIC teacher.

    My heart filled with gratitude and I see how I have co-created ALL of this by working hand-in-hand with Divine Intelligence. Praise God!!!

  4. When I went through a difficult struggle wondering if I could hear from the Lord or know His will for my life, this verse came alive for me as I realized He's always with me - I can always be in His presence! "Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?" Psalm 139:7

  5. Yes Lynne, God is ubiquitous; we just need “eyes to see” him don’t we?
    Focus is paramount. Practicing his presence is something I want to do 24:7 (yeah, even when I sleep). I don't want to miss a thing!

  6. Thanks so much for the comments...looking for God can transform not only your perception, but your life as you have pointed out!

  7. God is near by to me at all times...even when He takes a coffee break...I take one with Him :) I truly believe that He is a constant in my life and wouldn't have it any other way!