Sunday, June 26, 2011

Great Resources For Devloping Your Speaking Ability

 While visiting my sister and mom in California, I've had some extra reading time which is quite a luxury!  The 5 hour flight here for instance allowed me to catch up on a lot of reading that I was behind on.  One of the books that I've been reading is Secrets of Dynamic Communication: Preparing and Delivering Powerful Speeches
 by Ken Davis.  The book was recommended to me by my good friend and mentor,  Kent Julian, who is an amazing speaker himself.  The book outlines EXACTLY how to lay out a powerful speech, whether you are giving a sermon, a lesson, a keynote or a workshop.  It is an amazing resource and I would recommend it to anyone who speaks in any capacity.

Kent by the way is preparing for his annual Speak It Forward Bootcamp in October.  What a fabulous experience it is!  I attended last year and I can't tell you all the fantastic information I learned!  If you have ANY interest in developing yourself as a speaker, this is the place to go and the man to see.  He doesn't just tell you how to be a good speaker, he tells you all the inside details of developing and managing a speaking business.  You will love it! There is a special going on where you can sign up with a friend and SAVE big time.  Here's my advice:  DO IT!  I did and it has changed my life!

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