Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Deja Vu....I Need A Dog Whisperer

Toilet paperImage via Wikipedia I have written about this before in a post dated November 1st, 2009 and it's happening again.  My daughter's dog has gone psycho.  The last time it happened I didn't really know what caused it.  Out of the blue, she started tearing things up.  When I say tearing things up, I mean TEARING THINGS UP!  Last time she got in the pantry and torn up goodness knows how many boxes of pasta, cereal, chips etc.  I've since had the pantry enclosed but that hasn't stopped her from finding stuff to tear up. 

Last Friday, my daughter left town for three weeks.  I knew I'd be dog sitting and I've been preparing myself for the extra time it takes in the morning to get ready for work and feed and potty two dogs.  What I really didn't plan for is the extra, oh about 1 1/2 hours of clean up when I get home.  Yesterday was the worst so far (mind you it's only the second work day since my daughter left).  Here's some pictures of the destruction I faced when I got home:

Yep, everywhere I looked she had found something new to tear entire six roll pack of toilet paper, a plant destroyed and wallered on and a wrapped Christmas present that was sitting on a chair.  What is the cause of this madness?  Well, I understand that she is mad that my daughter and boyfriend have left her alone with me and her best doggie friend, Rocco.  But understanding what triggered the behavior helps me very little in changing it.  I am continuing to put everything possible behind closed doors, much as you would for a toddler. But what do I do to keep her from tearing up things that I can't contain like door frames and large pieces of furniture?  Well, like I say, I need a dog whisperer because, I'm apparently not speaking the language. 

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