Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just Right Is Really Just Wrong

I just reread my previous post and saw a phrase that I thought I ought to reword.  I ended the post by saying that if if I followed my GPS Life system, I would arrive at my destination without making any mistakes.  That was my C personality speaking there.  How I love it when I can accomplish goals without mistakes!  Unfortunately that only happens in fairytales...

When I was a little girl, my favorite fairy tale was Goldilocks and The Three Bears. You remember the story don't you?  She sits in one chair and it is too big and she sits in one chair and it is too small and she finally sits in another chair and it is JUST RIGHT!  I can't tell you how strongly I identify with this little girl who is trying to get everything in her life 'just right'.  So when I noticed that I had ended the last post with the idea that following a certain path would take me to my destination without any mistakes, I had to back up and remind myself how unrealistic that is. After all, even Goldilocks had to try out a few options before she got it just right.

Recognizing that achieving a goal takes several tries, dare I say, several mistakes is important because it gives us permission to try different options and to be okay with possible failure.  Sometimes in our haste to get to the end result we forget this fact.  An unwillingness to fail can result in an unwillingness to try and ultimately an unwillingness to move beyond the status quo. Taking a calculated risk is necessary to win.  Being concerned with getting everything JUST RIGHT is really...JUST WRONG.
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