Saturday, September 25, 2010

Running In The Bathtub

Private cast iron bathtubs with porcelain inte...Image via Wikipedia This is one of my all time favorite counselor stories and I know I have told it before but I just can't resist telling it again.  I was teaching a kindergarten class about safety rules and I asked the students for some examples.  I got the usual;  wear your seat belt in the car, stay seated on the bus, don't run in the halls etc.  Then I called on one little girl who told me in her most serious voice  to "never ever run in the bathtub."  Sometimes it is all I can do just to keep a straight face.

I think running in the bathtub though is  a great description of the hectic, out of control life style that many of us live.  We're slipping and sliding in constant motion but getting no where.  Sometimes it helps just to take a deep breath and refocus.  That's just what I and 29 or so other women will be doing next weekend as  we attend the Hebron Retreat.  It will be a time to relax, slow down and re-examine our lives.  As one of the speakers, I will be privileged to share some of my ideas about just how to regain that balance and control.

Have you noticed the new Ebook page that has been added to my blog?  This is a devotional book compiled from last year's blogs.  It is my gift to the women on the retreat and to YOU.  Enjoy!
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