Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just Do It!

Pocket watch, savonette-type.Image via Wikipedia You've identified the goal, you've written it down in the present tense, you've visualized it regularly... now what?  Is this all just mind games and  psychological mumbo jumbo?  We all know that you could do all this from now until the end of time and if you took no action, you might feel like you were making progress but in reality you would be fooling yourself.  Much like a student who believes in himself and visualizes making a 100 on a test but NEVER studies, nothing will happen.  Much like an athlete who believes in herself and visualizes winning the tournament, but never practices, nothing will happen.  You've got to move ahead to the next step in achieving your dream:  Identify all the steps you can think of to make your goal real.  Talk about them with the encouraging people in your life.  Get some more ideas and write them down.  Finally, write the steps down in chronological order and number them. Now the fun begins.  Review your list weekly and identify something you can do every day, no matter how small to move you closer to your goal.  Oh, and then DO IT!

The time for action is now.  It's never too late to do something.
-Carl Sandburg

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