Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do You Wonder Where Wyatt Is Now?

Pam, the illustrator of Wyatt the Wonder Dog, and I are wondering where Wyatt is ourselves.  Mostly though we are wondering what color Wyatt and his friends are going to be.  Self-publishing is a new experience for both of us and there are some bumps in the road that we did not anticipate.  The current issue that we are trying to resolve is the fact that when we looked at the proofs online, the color of the main charaters is off.  Wyatt is orange rather than yellow and Max, his bossy friend, is more red than brown.  Waiting is hard at this point, but we are trying to make sure that the book is not average but the best it can be.  It is hard to balance our desire to see it finally in print, (no matter what!) with our desire to have it be excellent.  Sooooo we are choosing the latter, but with great IMPATIENCE.  Stay tuned.  I promise it is coming. 

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