Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Thing You Can Count On: Change

What is something everyone, no matter your age, gender or socioeconomic group, has experienced?  CHANGE!  In our Career Coaching-48 Days to the Work You Love Class tonight we talked about change.  Here's the conclusion:  We've all had it, we don't like it and somehow it often takes us by SURPRISE.  So, what can you do to prepare yourself?  The best thing you can do is recognize the unchangeable, positive strengths, gifts and talents you possess.  So that even in the midst of change you can feel solid and unchangeable in your abilities.  This can not only give you focus, but also help you to turn change into opportunity.  Have you ever had a difficult period in your life, maybe one you thought you would never get through, believed you didn't deserve and certainly didn't expect?  Did you look back on it later and feel that the situation helped shape who you are today, or changed your perspective in some important way?  As one of our group members said last week, Whenever God closes a door, He always opens a window, but it sure is dark in the hallway. What a challenging discussion!

Next week we begin to tackle the question:  What do you want to be when you grow up?  Your assignment:  Describe 3 times in your life when you were involved in some activity that totally focused your attention and energy in a positive way.  Write it down and bring it with you to class next week.  See you next Sunday!
If you want more- some books we discussed:
The Power of Who: You Already Know Everyone You Need to Know
by Bob Beaudine
A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future 
by Daniel Pink

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