Friday, January 8, 2010

Birds! Birds! Nano Wrappers Are Good!

A good friend's daughter has a three year old who calls banana peels, 'nano wrappers'. This is pretty funny in itself but the story she told me recently is hysterical. Apparently while riding in the car and eating a banana, Walter's mother took the 'nano wrapper' and tossed it out the window. Walter having been taught never to throw anything out the window was horrified at his mother's actions and in great distress,told her she shouldn't do that. She explained to him that banana peels are good for the earth and animals might eat them so it really was not bad to throw 'nano wrappers' outside. He considered this new information for a few seconds, then leaned out the window and hollered , "Birds! birds, nano wrappers are good!" She laughed so hard, she had to pull off the road.

Don't we all need a little encouragement like that from time to time? Someone to remind us of what is really good for us? Sometimes the most obvious habit or goal or routine is good for us but we get out of synch and before we know it, we have crowded it out with insignificant busyness. I must admit that until recently my only goal for each new year was to do my best and enjoy life. Nothing wrong with the intention but it isn't too specific is it? As you established your goals for 2010, did you make them specific and measurable? Or did you skip the goals altogether and just plan on more of the same? Beginning with the end in mind and establishing the steps for getting there, means that you will accomplish your goal. I like this quote from A.R. Bernard who says "If you don't have a vision for the future, then your future is threatened to be a repeat of the past." Turns out setting goals and having a vision for your future is good for you. Oh yes, just like nano wrappers are good for the birds!

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