Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Job Interview--Seeing About Each Other

Tonight was our next to the last 48 Days To The Work You Love Class and  we covered two topics: Acing the Job Interview and Negotiating your Salary.  The way to do well in both situations is to be confident of your mission and your goals.  See how we keep coming back to the first part of the class?  It is important to remember that in the job interview you are selling yourself.  Hate the idea of selling?  Then change your perception of selling.  Selling is nothing more than sharing with someone else information about something that you are passionate about.  In this case it is your skills, abilities and talents.  The word interview comes from a Latin word that means to see about each other and this is how you should look at the job interview.  You and your prospective employer are seeing about each other and you should be just as curious about him as he is to learn about you.  Just as you should practice answering questions for the interview, you should also practice asking questions.  A great sample of both can be found in the workbook.  Negotiating your salary can also be an intimidating idea but again keep in mind that you are proposing the benefits that your skills, talents and abilities can bring to the company.  Just as you would practice answering tough interview questions, you should also practice negotiating with a friend.  Don't leave it all to chance but instead be prepared and confident.

Even though we are dealing with the nuts and bolts of finding a job, don't neglect those dream journals.  Keep writing your mission statement daily and defining your goals.  When you feel confident and capable  then you can't help but project that image.  Remember BE, DO, HAVE.  See you next week for our final lessons which cover starting your own business!

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